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Safer Home Tips For Children

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We can say that the biggest desire of your baby who is new in the world is to explore this world. Such that; This journey, where they started with the discovery of sounds, smells, and colors, turns to their surroundings at the first moment when they start to get more active and they want to explore the whole house. This period, which starts with wondering and crawling about everything, evolves to run after them. At this stage of our children, instead of curbing their discovery impulses, we can free them and make our home safe and open to exploration for them. We need to be prepared and take precautions against invisible or unforeseen dangers. So, what precautions should we take about baby and child safety? Here are a few precautions you can take into consideration for your baby’s safety in general.

1. Pay attention to the materials used in your baby’s furniture

While trying to protect your little babies against many dangers that may come from the environment, the real danger may be right next to you. The first target of your baby in the exploring period will be the closest material to her/him. Your baby can use everything to scratch his/her teeth, including his/her cradle, especially when his/her tiny pearly teeth are beginning to grow. At this point, the importance of the properties of the materials used in your baby’s furniture becomes apparent. You have to pay attention to the formaldehyde ratios of MDF used in the production of baby room furniture, whether the dyes used in the furniture contain heavy metals or volatile chemicals, and that it complies with world standards. Because all these chemicals threaten the health of your baby, even if they are in the same room, besides biting his/her crib.

When choosing baby room furniture, you should choose furniture with natural materials and water-based paints that do not contain any toxic substances, just like GoYoungs furniture.

2. Child locks are the simplest solution to prevent jams

The next step from crib discovery is cabinet and drawer exploration. In these places that your crawling baby will want to examine with curiosity, there is also the risk of his/her hand jamming into the doors and drawers. Although we reduce this risk thanks to the soft closing rail mechanism in the drawers of GoYoungs baby room furniture, of course, some measures may be required. You can lock all drawer and cabinet doors that your baby can reach using a baby safety drawer lock. Similarly, we can add that using door stoppers is one of the safety precautions that will prevent your baby’s fingers from getting caught in the door.

3. Get immobilized your furniture

When your crawling baby tries to stand on his tiny feet and tries to walk, his biggest supporter is the furniture around him. He also poses a great danger to himself when he is trying to stand up and walk, taking support from the surrounding furniture to maintain his balance, or climbing on them to look curiously at the furniture. For this reason, fixing furniture such as consoles, television stands, and dressers that can be climbed by opening its drawer on the floor or wall is among the necessary precautions to protect your baby from possible accidents.

4. Use protectors on corners and sharp edges of furniture

When your baby gets a little older, the exploration area grows like her/him too. Perhaps one of the biggest dangers for your children who are starting to walk and run is the sharp corners of furniture. It is very easy to protect from this danger; You can use corner protectors, which are one of the most used safety products for families with babies. You will see how many injuries are prevented by these products, which have many varieties in shape, size, and pattern.

5. Use less furniture in your home to protect against tripping or falling

There is also the risk of tripping over some things for your little children, who will have endless energy to run around and play as they grow. The more spacious you create, the more space you create for your children to play inside and also you reduce the risk of falling. For this, you should not include furniture that you do not really need in your decoration.

6. Use storage areas and don’t leave excess items messy

One of the favorite things children love while playing is of course messing up the home with all their toys. However, this brings with it the risk of falling. You can encourage your child to collect their toys by taking advantage of the patterned and fun storage boxes, which are available in many varieties, thus, you can reduce the possibility of tripping and falling and get a more organized room.

7. Use safety cover for sockets

One of the biggest risks for children of all ages is the sockets in homes. Protective products that ensure the safety of sockets are one of the most important elements of home safety for children. You can turn off all the sockets in your home with these products. In this way, you can prevent your child from getting hurt by putting his/her finger into the sockets during his discoveries or by being curious and plugging in the socket.