Navier Dresser

Good news for those who are looking for a large dresser for all your belongings. Prepare to sail, young sailors!

Designed in Florida - USA / Made in Turkey



Good news for those who are looking for a large dresser for all your belongings! Navier’s Dresser is both large and health-friendly due to its natural content made out of CARB-P2 & E1 certified MDF, solid wood, and water-based coating. With its 4 large drawers, an ultra-wide area is waiting for you where you can fit most personal items you want. It has a completely natural form thanks to its deep blue handles made of solid wood.

Thanks to the Lamello Cabineo M6 cabinet connection piece, 20 different combinations can be provided and the direction of the drawer can be taken to the right, left, or any desired direction. Due to the use of EN71-3 certified water-based paint, which is harmless to our children and nature, it is healthy and environmentally friendly. It’s time to get lost in the deep blue, which is healthy on the one hand and gives the ocean breeze on the other…

The best advantage of the Navier dresser is that it is durable and designed to accompany you for years, and it has a modern style that will complement the look of your entire bedroom. Prepare to sail, young sailors!

Color Option

Each part of the furniture can be customized according to desired color/colors.


  • Particleboard, CARB-P2 & E1 certified MDF, and Solid Wood are used.
  • 4 large drawers
  • EN71-3 certified water-based paint
  • Height: 886 mm
  • Width: 964 mm
  • Depth: 586mm
  • Lamello Cabineo M6 fastener
  • Blum hidden rail
  • Metric screw
  • Healthy
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Durable
  • Long-stay structure
  • Designed in Florida/USA, made in Turkey