Grand Bookcase

The Grand bookcase with cabinet and bookcase is perfect for bringing storage space and chic style to your home.

Designed in Florida - USA / Made in Turkey



Made of CARB-P2 & E1 certified MDF, natural oak veneer, particleboard, solid wood, and water-based coating, the Grand bookcase with cabinet is perfect for bringing storage space and chic style to your home. Grand bookcase with natural wood veneer on the outer upper and outer lower tables; It has 10 shelves with ample space to store and display items such as your book collection, speaker, plants, and framed photos of loved ones. Solid wood handles have a natural form.

The rustic bookcase features a 2-door cabinet that can be moved to different positions to store and display items of all shapes and sizes. Sturdy cabinet doors can move in all directions, but thanks to the Blum Inserta hinge, it does not change its last shape and remains stable in the desired form.

Due to the use of EN71-3 certified water-based paint, which is harmless to our children and nature, it is healthy and environmentally friendly. Its charmingly soft look and versatile design make the Grand bookcase in the most beautiful moonstone hue the perfect fit for any space. Here is the Grand bookcase, a must-have accent for your space.

Color Option

Each part of the furniture can be customized according to desired color/colors.


  • Particleboard, CARB-P2 & E1 certified MDF, Natural Wood Veneer, and Solid Wood are used.
  • 10 shelves
  • 2 cabinets
  • EN71-3 certified water-based paint
  • Height: 1903 mm
  • Width: 1046 mm
  • Depth: 486 mm
  • Blum Inserta Hinge
  • Metric screw
  • Healthy
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Durable
  • Long-stay structure
  • Designed in Florida/USA, made in Turkey