Grand 4-Door Wardrobe

A blend of natural materials and a classic round design creates this beautiful wardrobe. Round and useful years await you!

Designed in Florida - USA / Made in Turkey



A blend of natural materials and a classic round design creates this beautiful wardrobe. Our fully equipped Grand 4-door wardrobe, with its body made of CARB-P2 & E1 certified MDF material, gives you a long-lasting and durable experience. The outer top and bottom of the oak are covered with natural wood, thus helping you to create a healthy living space by reducing the humidity in your room. It prevents the formation of fungi and insects.

Thanks to the Lamello Cabineo M6 cabinet connection piece, 20 different combinations can be provided for its 4 doors and 3 large bottom drawers. The door opening direction can be determined in the desired direction. Sturdy cabinet doors can move in all directions, but thanks to the Blum Inserta hinge, it does not change its last shape and remains stable in the desired form. Not only the upper cabinets, but also the 3 lower drawers can be moved in all directions. Despite repeated assembly and disassembly, there is no wear, aging, or deterioration.

The Grand 4-door wardrobe is healthy, environmentally friendly, and does not contain toxic substances due to the use of EN71-3 certified water-based paint, which is harm-less to our children and nature. While our wardrobe is being prepared, it is decorated with polyurethane relief details. The large 4-door Grand wardrobe will not only take up space in your room, but will also meet your needs for storing your belongings. Round and useful years await you!

Color Option

Each part of the furniture can be customized according to desired color/colors.


  • Particleboard, CARB-P2 & E1 certified MDF, Solid Wood, and Natural Wood Veneer are used.
  • 3 large drawers
  • 4 cabinets
  • EN71-3 certified water-based paint
  • Height: 2106 mm
  • Width: 1970 mm
  • Depth: 586 mm,
  • Lamello Cabineo M6 fastener
  • Blum Inserta Hinge
  • Blum hidden rail
  • Metric screw
  • Healthy
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Durable
  • Long-stay structure
  • Designed in Florida/USA, made in Turkey