Grace Dresser with Door

The most elegant form of lacquer white. With its modern & stylish design, Grace dresser with door is one of the most useful modules of teenage rooms.

Designed in Florida - USA / Made in Turkey



The most elegant form of lacquer white. You can feel the elegant lines of our Grace dresser made of particleboard and the princess-worthy feeling, thanks to the soft texture of the solid wood we use. You now have a lot of space in your room, thanks to the drawers with 4 compartments that id made of CARB-P2 & E1 certified MDF material, and that can be moved in all directions with the Blum Inserta hinge, and the additional cabinet with the door opening in the desired direction! In the Grace dresser, where clean lines meet our modular decoration experience, the purest form of lacquer white is blended with modern minimalism without skipping a moment.

Thanks to the nature-safe EN71-3 certified water-based paint we use, the lacquer white tone simplicity detailed with natural finish feet and handle can be transformed into styles that you will never get tired of using over the years. It has a completely natural form thanks to its outer bottom plate made of solid wood. A modern look is achieved with easy-to-clean static paint on handles. For this reason, there is no wear, rust, or aging. Despite repeated assembly and disassembly, there is no wear, aging, or deterioration. With its modern and stylish design, the Grace dresser with door is one of the most useful modules of teenage rooms.

Color Option

Each part of the furniture can be customized according to desired color/colors.


  • Particleboard, CARB-P2 & E1 certified MDF, and Solid Wood are used.
  • 4 drawers
  • 1 cabinet
  • EN71-3 certified water-based paint
  • Height: 923 mm
  • Width: 1167 mm
  • Depth: 586 mm
  • Lamello Cabineo M6 fastener
  • Blum Inserta Hinge
  • Blum hidden rail
  • Metric screw
  • Healthy
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Durable
  • Long-stay structure
  • Designed in Florida/USA, made in Turkey