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How To Make A Teenage Bedroom Look Good?

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Teenagers accumulate an awful lot of ‘stuff’ – from clothes, sports kit, make-up, school work, books, games and more – so factoring in plenty of storage and easy tidying tactics is essential if you want to keep that freshly-decorated teenage bedroom ideas looking their best.

If space is tight, start with the larger items of furniture first, such as the bed and wardrobe. Smaller items of furniture can then be arranged around these. Opting for multi-purpose pieces is sensible, such as combination desk/dressing tables, storage ottomans that double up as stools and wall-hung shelving that can work as a table or desk space if there isn’t room for a full-sized piece. 

Beds with a pull-out trundle or mattress under the main bed are useful for sleepovers or consider a cabin-style bed with built-in storage stacked underneath to give extra stowing space for clothes, games and study kit. 

Beds with built-in headboard storage are another way of working valuable extra storage into small teenage bedroom ideas.

Joining forces at the outset is probably the best tactic to ensure that any parent and teen collaboration runs smoothly and gets the best results. Look through magazines, books and online images and ideas together so that you can get a sense of their likes and dislikes and what teenage bedroom ideas speak to them. 

Creating an online mood board can be a good starting point when putting together a room scheme. You can both add in things that you find, plus must-have items and then build up a picture that’ll give you a visual tool to refer back to when it comes to ordering paint colours, fabrics, the best bedding and furniture.